Here is a list of the research conducted under my grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark “Tax Havens Under the Microscope” (2014-2018):

Taxing Hiden Wealth: The Consequences of U.S. Enforcement Initiatives on Evasive Foreign Accounts
(with Patrick Langetieg, Daniel Reck, Max Risch and Joel Slemrod)
(referenced in testimony before the U.S. Permanent Subcommittee on Government Operations)

Tax Evasion and Inequality
(with Annette Alstadsæter and Gabriel Zucman)
press: [economist] [guardian] [washington post] [forbes] [LA times] [huffington post] [frankfurter allgemeine] [le soir] [der standard]
dissemination: [guardian

The deterrence effect of whistleblowing. An event study of leaked customer information from banks in tax havens
(with Tim Stolper)
dissemination: [voxeu]

Who Owns the Wealth in Tax Havens? Macro Evidence and Implications for Global Ineqality
(with Annette Alstadsæter and Gabriel Zucman)
Accepted for publication at Journal of Public Economics
press: [financial times] [economist]  [le figaro] [la repubblicca] [die welt] [NBER Digest]

At your service! The role of tax havens in international trade with services
(with Shafik Hebous)
Revision requested by the Journal of Public Economics